Los Angeles, CA. USA


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""Change is inevitable,

growth is intentional."

-Glenda Cloud


Quantum Healing Hypnosis

In Person Only | 4-5 Hours Long | $333

Quantum Healing Hypnosis was developed by the late Dolores Canon. During a one on one session you travel to Past Lives, gather information from other dimensions and connect with Higher Self and the Universal Collective Consciousness. 

BEYOND Quantum Healing

Online (Zoom or Skype) | 3-4 Hours Long | $300

During a session, you travel to another dimension receiving any information to help you in this current moment. You then connect with Higher Self, Angelic Realm, Loved ones that have past over, the Master realm and so on. These sessions are online only and are very similar to QHHT. 

Online via Zoom | 21 Day Mentorship Program | $1111

During this 4-week program, we will be working with the Quantum Field to integrate your alignment process. We meet 4 times once a week for one hour calls via Zoom or Facetime and one 15 mins follow up after the 4th week. Homework + Blue Flame Meditations are given after every call. 


Blue Flame Alchemy Program

Let Your Soul Glow 

Online via Zoom | One-hour Coaching Call | $111


During this call, we integrate what is happening in your life right now and add some practical daily practices to live your life intentionally. This will include self-care routines, recommended readings, and a guided meditation during our call together. This will all be tailored based on what you are currently experiencing. 


"I release anything inside of me that does not believe in my self worth."