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I always tell my clients how honored I am to do this service. It is truly a pleasure to work with such a loving energy during my sessions. Reading these testimonials warms my heart and I hope it gives you a tiny glimpse into this work. Happy readings!

"Angie created a warm and nonjudgmental space for me to feel safe enough to let go and allowed me to cut through layers and access my higher self."

Will 43, College Counselor

"Angie is a special person who uses her intuition and warmth to heal. I've been fortunate to experience her meditations and QHHT session and I'm always left feeling good and grounded afterwards!"

Noel 38, Writer

"It was an uplifting event to work with Angie and experience for the first time in my life The Quantum Healing Hypnosis!If I knew about this, I would have signed up many years before.In a hectic and problematic world, it is necessary to rewind and reflect on one's life and journey and be in touch with their true self.Angie not only shared her love but also had the patience and wisdom to tap into my psyche and direct me where to go with my subconscious. I feel more self-assured and at peace with myself.I would recommend working with Angie in a heartbeat."

Katheryn 44, Engineer



"What can I say about my experience with Angie’s QHHT? It was the most profound experience I have ever journeyed through. Her voice is very calming, and soothing, and she instantly took me to where I needed to go to start my past life journey. She knows exactly what she is doing, and it feels like she has done this for eternity. The effects this session has given me were clarity, and understanding of who I am, and where I was in previous lifetimes. My understanding of why I am here on this planet is all because of this session with her. What is truly magical about this session is that she truly cares about her work, a natural born healer. She has experienced life herself which makes me trust her even more. My partner and I both had the pleasure of experiencing the same past life during our individual sessions, which confirmed our deep connection to each other. I am so grateful for that because now we both know why we have come together again in this lifetime. I look forward to working with her again to deepen my understanding all of my previous lives. I love you very much Angie! And I am beyond grateful for you continuing to listen to your soul’s calling."

"Recently Angie Sanchez facilitated a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session on me - and I loved it! Angie made me feel very safe and supported throughout our entire time working together. Before our session she had me write down a few questions that I wanted answered in my life. During the session we went back through past lives, which was a very awesome experience. Also, the questions that I had asked were answered, which was a huge leap in my life's journey. I truly loved this experience and would suggest it to anyone who is interested in this type of awareness."

Olivia 24, Actress

"Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting Angie and doing a guided QHHT past life meditation session with her. It is hard to put into words what Angie did for me in that seemingly simple session taking me beyond the limitations of my thought to a place that I never could imagine was present or accessible within myself. Afterward, I awoke with a vastness of perception that didn't exist in me 2 hours before nor did I think I was capable or even in some sense deserving of this knowledge. Many questions that I was yearning for the answers to on different planes throughout my life a part of me was able to answer with such clarity and precision that I can take into my life immediately. It was a real blessing to go through and connect many of the dots in my life that were seemingly unrelated incidents. Life is so grand, and there is so much beyond it that we are unable to grasp or tap into without the grace and kindness of someone who leads in taking you through such unfamiliar territory with understanding and love. For that, I will forever be grateful to Angie Sanchez for allowing me and several others this experience. And I recommend anyone to give it a try and see what comes up regardless of what you believe. It just might be life changing. And bless all those souls like Angie who work tirelessly and ask little in return to help people come to a higher realization of our purpose here and the nature of existence itself. I just want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart Angie Sanchez what you do is invaluable, and I am truly indebted to you for this amazing experience."

Rishi 24, Professional Bollywood Dancer