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Traveling Within

May 9, 2017

In 2016 I made a conscious decision to stay in the U.S. to get grounded so much so that I allowed my passport to expire. That's how committed I was. 


I had been fortunate enough to travel to so many wonderful places the previous years I almost felt as if I were getting lost in the "travel" and forgetting about my family and friends. My goal all of 2016 was to get grounded, to focus on my career, to build relationships, and to put in the WORK. What I realized was the work I was to put in was in MYSELF. The travels I've taken in the ether during meditation, past life regression, astral travel and awakened state are beyond our immediate comprehension. 



There's this quote I've come across about traveling, and it says, "Travel not to escape life, but so life doesn't escape you." -Unknown



At one point I related to this 100%. I was lucky enough to experience tropical thunderstorms then glowing sunsets in Thailand. I've felt the vibrancy and diversity of Hong Kong. The nightclubs and the export business side of China. Inhaled the spices, observed the beauty and richness of India. Walked the streets of London, took in the natural lusciousness of France, tasted the mouthwatering food of Spain. I was welcomed to the luxuriousness of the United Arab Emirates numerous times. And to bring it back to my neighboring countries I experienced first hand the kindness of the people in Canada and filmed a movie in Mexico all within the span of two and a half years.  


While visiting these places, I realized the lies we confine ourselves to are because of our own limitations. The greatest gift we have is JOY itself. The richness of diverse people in the world is unimaginable as I acknowledge I've only scratched the surface. I also realized how lucky I was to call California home. 


With all that being said I have gained an even greater appreciation to experiencing our wonderous Gaia (Earth). That is to realize we are all interconnected, to go about our world, our daily interactions with purpose and awareness that we are ONE. 



Today I finally renewed my passport! I almost see it as a certificate of graduation. I am open to new adventures and explorations for work and pleasure on vibrant levels that I have yet to explore.


I am open, I am.  



From my heart to yours,






*Stay Inspired* 












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