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"Coming Out of the Closet"

June 8, 2016

A couple of weeks ago I had this very interesting encounter with a very good looking young man.  Being in the entertainment industry and based out of Los Angeles, California “good looking” is at every corner you turn. Immediately, I wanted to know how his journey had been in the dating field.  Not that I was interested in him personally but this topic fascinates me!

The fascination stems from learning how two people meet or the adventures people go on when it’s a first date or simply if they have been dating for months.  What can I say I love love!  So I asked playfully, “you get hit on a lot, don’t you?”.  To my not surprise he shared with me that he was “coming out of the closet”.  He went on to share that it has not been an easy process and so on.

In turn I shared that I too was “coming out of the closet” but it was the “spiritual closet”. It was funny to see the expression on his face like “what do you mean? How is that even a closet?”.  Well, it is and many of us have been in it.



We then started to share how the scariest part of “coming out” is wondering what people would think.  On his end it’s social norms on my end it’s social conformity.  In turn I reminded him that people will find truth as well as comfort in the authenticity of truly being who we are and sharing our journey on the way.  This can apply to many aspects of our lives.  Like being an artist and never sharing your art with the world!


It is a reminder that we are all the same.  The biggest thing we can do to pave the road is share our gifts with the world in our own authentic voice. It really does not matter the path as we are all coexisting with one another.  It’s remembering that we are like an orchestra creating a harmony.  Individually, we have our special tones but together we can create a masterpiece in support of one another.














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