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Attachment to a Spiritual Practice

April 22, 2016




I suppose you can say having a spiritual practice is a good thing. With the exception of attachment to that particular spiritual practice. It would be as if you are walking around the world with blinders on.



The thing with us human beings is that we tend to feel a sense of acceptance belonging to a group. The problem with that is we for the most part forget the parts of us that make us us. We become too “identified” with this group that we tend not see things from others perspectives and life experiences, hence: 



Sometimes our own truths arise through a conflict. That is when our own “heart compass” is activated and we question whether this is aligned with our being. This is why duality (“Good and Bad”) is a gift. We are free to identify what feels right for us. Be open to that possiblity. As what is “right” for you may not be “right” for another person. It’s all in its timing.


Be still in your silence to hear your inner voice. It is there waiting for you to listen. The key to your spiritual practice is to go within.















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