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That Song...

May 11, 2016


A little over a week ago I had one of the most profound astral travel experiences. Initially, I thought an earthquake was happening so I went to reach for my phone to soon realized it was my spirit embarking on a journey to a different lifetime.




Completely open to this experience I was distracted by an extremely loud high pitch sound.  It felt as if it were at such a high loud frequency that it definitely could rupture a human eardrum. Staying calm and open I felt myself elevate.  Now, I know you normally hear “I saw myself in my bed” but on the contrary my bed came with me. Perhaps this was to make me feel comfortable in the environment I was soon to be in.


This high pitch frequency turned into another more pleasant sound.  A very soothing, comforting, familiar, home-like sound. What was one pitch soon overlapped another and another.  Next thing I know a whole orchestra appeared to play a song that had various tones of what the tones of flutes have. It evolved into a very melodic song that came from behind me yet surrounded me as if bathing in these tones. This song felt ALL too familiar. Yet now, in my waking state, I cannot remember a time that I’ve heard this song.


The journey during this astral travel had a message that answered a question I had on my mind for a few days.  That message sits with me in a form of “I get it”.  However, that song…  That song is something I yearn to experience each time I close my eyes.  This experience has transformed falling asleep to an adventure all in itself.


I am wishing you, the reader, an adventure like this and beyond.  In the meantime here is a Pandora station I discovered that has some pretty awesome meditative frequencies!













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