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Blue Flame Alchemy

21 Day 1:1 Program

During this 4-week program, we will be working with the Quantum Field to integrate your alignment process. An alignment of mind, body, spirit can happen in the blink of an eye; however, it is understanding and knowing what to do next that often gets us stuck.

The reality around us begins to change. The people we once resonated with no longer do, going out doesn't sound as fun and exciting as before, and you have so many questions about the world we live in. 


We meet 4 times once a week

1 hour call via Zoom or Facetime

one 15 mins follow up after the 4th week 

Homework + Blue Flame Meditations given after every call

This is for you if:

You want to identify and release limiting beliefs.

Want to develop self-love rituals.

Want to learn Mindfulness and Meditation practices.

You are currently experiencing an awakening + ascension symptoms .

You want to integrate the Highest version of yourself with your everyday life.

You're ready to allow spiritual and physical abundance to flow and be ready to accept the rewards this new you!

“No amount of guilt can solve the past, and no amount of anxiety can change the future.” -Buddha
inside the 1:1
blue flame alchemy program 



⚛︎ What do you see yourself doing 

⚛︎ What do you want to do more of 



⚛︎ What are some areas you want to evolve in

⚛︎ Personally, romantically, professionally

⚛︎ Relationship analysis: family, friendships, romantic 


Transcending Limiting beliefs 

⚛︎ Blocks: Identify the root of your limiting beliefs + releasing them



Self-Love is the key to an ABUNDANT LIFE


⚛︎ We'll work together to create a mindful routine that works for you

⚛︎ Integrate Self-Love Spiritual Rituals (tailored per person)

⚛︎ Build upon Self-Worth


Weekly Blue Flame Meditation

⚛︎ You will be required to work with the blue flame daily while we work together

⚛︎ Your Blue Flame meditation will vary from week to week.

⚛︎ More details will be given upon signing up for the program. 


Bonus #1: Reading recommendations + Journal Prompts

Bonus #2: Blue Flame workbook

BONUS #3: Video recording of your session

Bonus #4: $55 towards a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session "Past Life Regression" or via Zoom (BQH)

To allow this alignment to take place, I am dedicating my full attention to the process of each person that signs up for this program. Because this is a one on one space is limited and is based on a first come first serve basis. 


(Note these prices will be increasing on January 21st) 

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Blue Flame Activation Meditation

Blue Flame Activation Meditation - Guided by Angie Sanchez
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You are enough.